Our greatest joy is sharing in each client’s successful achievement Of their goals.

There have been remarkable transformations over the years. Here are some of the testimonials that we have received within the past few months.


“I heard great things coming into my training, but being here just exceeded expectations. The Exercist team has the best training, hands down!”
Rabbi Shabsi


As a result of Boot Camp, I looked and felt better about myself. Each week, I noticed improvement in my strength and endurance. The instructor pushed me just enough to challenge me, and was very knowledgeable about the types of exercises to target specific muscle groups. I changed the way I ate, and now realize that fitness includes much more than just exercise.
Donna C.


“Renee, the Exercist has changed my life. We have been working for a year. She is incredible. Why is that? Every single workout has been unique. That makes it the best. She is fun and cares about the whole person. Understanding the body and applying the solutions to build me, she has patiently applied unique and custom exercises to meet our goals. I have a connection—“my” coach who cares about my body and more. Working out at my age—I’m 49, changing my life style, really doing this for the long-term, is an incredibly difficult thing to do. Have you ever made commitments you would do something? Not lasted? Maybe it takes the right coach. For me that was the difference I needed. The Exercist is the incredible solution. She cares, she commits at a level beyond that of her clients. She brings the highest credentials. She studies and finds the solutions each client needs. She brings that to the workout. She achieves. Every pain I had is gone. I eat better and love it. I can enjoy everything I did before–yet I have changed, gradually and for the better. I’ve lost 30 pounds. I can run. I feel better. I have confidence. I feel great and my coach, my teammate, is achieving an outcome for me that will give me the ability to things I could never imagined possible for decades to come.

I’m 49….I have a new body and much more. Thank you Renee—you are The Exercist. My hero. Very Respectfully,”
Steve H.


“I personally believe that Renee and The Exercist synergy of professionalism, integrity, compassion and transfer of practical information, makes them an incredibly valuable resource for fitness clients.”
Trina G.


“The first time I spoke with Renee I have to admit I was pretty hard on her. I wanted to hear exactly what she knew, what her experience was and to try to make sure I would not waste my time or money with a new trainer.

I’ve been working with personal trainers for 15 years. I refused to turn 40 in the shape I was in so at 39 began working with fitness experts to get me in the best possible shape. Over the course of those 15 years I have worked with several different personal trainers. While I am at the gym I want to make the most of my time there and for me, there is nothing more frustrating than paying for a trainer who is inexperienced, cocky, paying attention to everything else that’s going on at the gym except their client or doesn’t really know how the body works, why the body works or a combination of the above.

Renee and I have been working together for over 2 years and she is amazing. Renee truly knows her stuff and my fitness level has taken a tremendous leap under her guidance. I love my personal training time with her and it is never dull. Renee really knows how to mix up my workouts, maximize my time with her and motivate me to continue to do my personal best.”
Erica G.


“My experience with Renee was unbelievable. Anything that I felt was an issue was addressed immediately. My family and friends and I are amazed at the great results that I have had.”
Leslie S.


“I have worked with personal trainers in the past, but Renee took my program to a far more individualized level. She delivered exactly what I wanted and managed to smile through it all. Very skilled and enthusiastic.”
Rita R.


“Hiring The Exercist was the best decision I ever made for myself. I was very impressed with their organized approach to helping me reach my goals. Nothing but positive results from day one. I am a believer.”
Charles C.


“I have known Renee for over 3 years. I first met her as a spinning instructor at the local gym I joined that year. I was taking spinning classes 3 nights a week and Renee started teaching on Thursday night. Until Renee started teaching on Thursday night, I was getting somewhat “bored” with the other spinning classes I was taking – I felt like some of the teachers were either not really concentrated on the class or too repetitive in their spinning routine.

Renee was different – I liked the music that she used and you could tell that she was really into the class and paying attention to the “spinners” taking the class. Actually, one of the “guys” taking her class liked hers so much that he asked if she could teach a separate class for him and some friends who were not that available at the time she was teaching. I liked her enthusiasm and the way she managed to make the class be “fun” while still giving us a tough work-out and more importantly working out with us.

I now have been training with Renee for some time on a “kind of” regular basis and I really enjoy working out with her because she’s not a “show off” like some personal trainers that I’ve seen and she’s not overly “pushy” as to what she expects from you – she tells you/shows you what she thinks you can do and she leaves it up to you while still making you feel like you can do it.

What really struck me about Renee is her strength – her quiet strength and how she uses that strength in her training to help her “client” become stronger. She has a lot of good techniques, uses different machines and equipment (“ball”, “balance ball”, ladder, etc..) so you don’t get “bored” in doing just one kind of training and is very knowledgeable in many workout/exercise methods (ex. Pilate, Yoga, etc..). She’s also very helpful in answering questions about nutrition and explaining how it affects your body and your work-out.”
Chantal B.