RUN Training designed for your goals. Tailored around your lifestyle


Most of us were not graced with natural running talent. We need to work hard and find every possible edge in order to reach our goals. Whether you are a seasoned marathoner looking to break through a plateau or to qualify for Boston, or are embarking on your first 5K or marathon, The Exercist can provide training based on science and experience to get you there.




You’ll also get accountability, motivation, and the convenience of taking the guesswork out of training.

Training different physiologic systems (a.k.a., training smart), injury prevention, mental toughness, proper fueling – these are the cornerstones for distance running success that The Exercist has learned and is able to coach to clients.






We strongly believe that success in running comes down to hard work, consistency, and determination.
Each training plan is personalized to your current fitness level and goals. Together, we figure out what works for you. We build upon strengths and work on weaknesses. Your training plan must fit into your lifestyle in order to succeed.


  • Certified RRCA Run Coach
  • USA Track and Field Coach
  • Certified Jeff Galloway Run Coach
  • Pace Leader at Crunch Fitness Run Club
  • Lead Director/Coach at Creek Boot Camp Run Club